How to find and do work you love


I’m rewatching a video by Scott Dinsmore, called How to Find and Do Work You Love. This man is totally one of my heroes. He’s gone now, but died following his passions. His web site, Live Your Legend, always gives me inspiration and motivation. His e-mails totally motivated me to do my best, as do those of his wife since he passed.

But as I was watching the video, I scrolled down to some of the comments. Many were negative, saying he was unrealistic. And in many ways, he is. But being realistic never helped anybody find their passion.

The one that really got me though, was this.

“I don’t know what my passion is what I want to push my energy on. I love being creative but I love all of it and I can’t desire what I really should put my energy on. Drawing,singing,filming, dancing,photographing I just don’t know what to go for. I feel like if I could decide at this age I would be able to really go for it. I would do everything to achieve that but I don’t know which direction I should go.I’m scared of being stuck in the same place without being able to do what I love before I’m all grown up and my dreams and creativity disappears because of the boringness that life is. I don’t care if people say I can’t I just want to have a passion to fight for.”

Live your legend with multiple passions...
Live your legend with multiple passions…

Can you totally identify with that? Is this person the penultimate expression of Multipassionate? “I don’t know which direction I should go.” I know that feeling. I live with that feeling every single day of my life. It’s part of the core, the essence of being Multipassionate.

Scott is inspiring to me in many ways. But he’s monopassionate. Does that negate his impact on my life? Not by a long shot. I’m still exploring how to implement his advice in my rainbow life, but I have definitely learned some things along the way. I can pursue a variety of passions in his “Live Your Legend” way. I’m working that out now. He mentions knitting as a passion. I’m working on an online knitting course, and it’s very exciting.

I have so many passions in my life, but I can share all of them in one way or another. I can use Scott’s advice to advance myself in knitting, bowmaking, painting, performing, acting, and so many more ways. And in the process, I’m learning things that I can use to teach people about being Multipassionate.

I learn something from just about everybody I meet. I’ve mentioned Emilie Wapnick, Barbara Sher, and others. Scott is one of the bright spots in my universe, even if he is not Multipassionate. I’m working on more ways to share what I’ve learned about how to apply his advice to this rainbow lifestyle. I hope it will help you along the way, like it can help the person who wrote the comments above. This person is obviously Multipassionate, but like many of us, had no idea how to explore that, to make it a strength instead of a weakness. Let’s work on that together. Please, share your wisdom and experiences in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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