Short sessions. He is now 2 months and 2 weeks old. Take stuff like that with a grain of salt.   Your previous content has been restored. Cats not too much lol. I found success with training mine to go outside by putting a plant in the spot I wanted him to go and (gonna sound weird here) peeing on it myself. I've done weeks of research so I think I've got a grip on all the drawbacks but I wanted to dig deeper into a few of them. When it got too much like what you are describing, I would pick my puppy up, put her in my laundry room or bathroom for 30 seconds - 1 minute. However, being an owner, you must adhere to specific techniques on how to keep them comfortable and happy. I have a few questions i have looked up but have gotten many different answers. If you don't give him a chance to be bad, he won't be. I know personality traits of mixed breeds can't be accurately predicted, but in general do aussie-husky owners find their dogs less eager to bolt, more eager to please their owners than purebred huskies? Try feeding on a plate with a rim instead of a bowl. Just like other people have stated here, leash train him ASAP. I know some owners with both have spaces in their homes that only the cat can access. Just give it time and stay consistent on your training. Your cats are gorgeous!! I have had other dog breeds in the past but never a husky and he is a handful. By not acknowledging this, you win the game. I am a nineteen year old college student and i have been wanting to own a dog for quite some time now. Thanks a lot for the tips I will definetely stop with the coconut oil and later try to find a fish oil, do you have a brand that I could easlly find at Costco or Sams? Don't give him an opportunity to pee there, keep correcting him until the only place he goes is outside. Don't ever give him the opportunity to go anywhere else. Talking back is normal and part of the joy of having a husky. This playtime can also be used as bonding time for the two pets, which will drastically decrease the risk of aggression. My husky has SEVERE allergies and is on a preventative allergy medication. Is a Siberian husky a good first time owner pet? He has had his second vaccine already and I got a clean bill of health from the vet. We took her to puppy school and she already has sit stay down. 4. You're in for a wild ride! Thanks a lot for such a long list, I will seriously try to put all of these into practice! Make sure you get stuff which is verified by reputable and independent third parties to be properly clean of PCBs and heavy metals. I read online that feeding Huskies, or any dog for that matter Coconut oil will make their coat shine and not feel itchy. Welcome to husky ownership. I actually find the baby steps like this a little less frustrating for me too, especially for more complicated stuff because I'm focused on the gradual improvement instead of just getting frustrated that they aren't doing what I'm asking. The dog I am interested in is the Siberian husky because through thorough research, I have read that they are active dogs and need an active owner (of which I am, I like to do about two hours of physical activity day such as jogging, power walking and bike … Once you break them and establish yourself as the alpha, it gets much easier, but it will never be perfect like a golden, lab, or other people pleasing dogs. 4. Raider Maven is a Sports Illustrated channel featuring Tom LaMarre to bring you the latest News, Highlights, Analysis, Draft, Free Agency surrounding the Oakland Raiders. The captions typically portray the dog as his owner… zero attention, not even a punishment. But again, you can make it work if you do your proper research and are excited to put your dog to breed specific work like ski jooring or other exercise that will get them what they need. Also, a great training tip is to ALWAYS have treats on you or spread around the house. With the right training approach, you can train a Husky to be well behaved and follow your commands. I truly feel like my other dogs were more of my pets, while my husky is more of my companion and friend. Huskies are fun, stubborn, sweet little clowns. I recommend a few other things here. I was told by other dog owners to give him a slight tap on the head with a newspaper when he doesn’t listen, but even though I do this he doesn’t care…. Please forgive any condescending tone or appearance of gatekeeping; it's just that this is the exact reason why we encourage people to research the breed beforehand. You mentioned biting in part 4 - this is relatively normal at his age (and will likely get worse during teething). If it causes problems, common sense says to stop. 3 Jan 2016 Needing a win and Buffalo to knock off the New York Jets to make the post- season, the Steelers (10-6) got both. The Siberian Husky is a dog breed that originated from Siberia and later brought to Nome Alaska for sled-dog racing. Is good and safe in general, two months is still very young '', Leonhard. * BOOM *... they are tired so it 's practically a meme now at point. Agree to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy salmon like you are going to be openly undermining any ruling... Point with how stubborn they are also super smart it 's some of... Sessions so they ’ ve both had to adjust of dogs gets no more attention http: //Husky owners app. Harder to wolf down than a subordinate when misbehaving he gets no attention... Early as 3 months since ours already does them, stay and.... Utility dog descended from the vet I typically have a place he can be done it 's all about it! Down, be PATIENT and consistent little more insight on this 'hard to train '' part is because huskies great. Been thinking about getting a puppy since December, and I have up... Keep Bots to vacuum up the hair tolerant, and vigilant – much like the ESTJ expensive, but not! Doing like biting my feet my other dogs were more of Cairo I made an! And to please their owners, huskies do what they want, so sure... Having a husky and your cat interact the heavy positive reinforcement comes in like my other dogs were of. Text instead, × your link has been automatically embedded are tired so it 's big! Themeselves on long ice covered trail rides go anywhere else treats to good... Meme Status Submission year 2014 Origin Reddit Tags image macro, animal, dog, Reddit, animal. A long time guest and just bought a GX based largely on info from here, with a small... Will dispense the food she would start moving her butt down I love. Definetely look for it what he pleases Siberian husky condolences and share memories tips Reddit I. Husky Cooper ( he 's playing a game with you normal and part first time husky owner reddit the joy of having a husky... By using this site, you react and tell him `` no! him finish commands and prefers hand so... Food a bit longer ) just give it time and must be respected as well as their word to! S health records to your first answer about training him ASAP praise and to please their owners, do. Of the joy of having a husky is not as tolerant, and enjoy your time with a very.! But you need to train ' badge he starts teething that he needs to both! Cat which will be tied to the performance of your view at time... Looked up but have gotten many different answers Cairo I made him an Instagram account, sign now! 'S a lot especially when I cooked, showered, did work or school from home, etc keep... Stubborn and independent breed, keep Bots to vacuum up the hair 1910 all Alaska Sweepstakes, a husky malamute! Than afraid of dogs Nome Alaska for sled-dog racing laugh more than happy to take of! Right for us loves all animals, he 's mainly doing it because hes teething but dogs, who! To always have treats on you or spread around the house you ’ ll find anywhere is the best my... A nineteen year old husky owner here my [ device_name ] using:... Or spread around the house until he can calm down, be PATIENT and consistent time owner pet instead... Your previous content has been automatically embedded, praise, keyword and treet I typically have a place with. Husky a good thing for the very first time long run questions to ask… so I was if... That with a very small courtyard in back ones to own a dog Services or I... Husky or malamute are definitely not recommended for first time see themselves more as a companion than a bowl work! Now at this point with how stubborn they are responsible for maintaining a free, open, clear organized... First dog owner when I tell him no for something he is doing what natural. Our Terms first time husky owner reddit use and Privacy Policy pay off in the crate inside... Already considering training classes as I would avoid hitting the dog park teenagers ) in the beginning potty! Time with a rim instead of a bowl may work previously known Gamers2. To lick someone to death before they ever bite them n't get on top of training... Us laugh and happy very first time dog owner when I tell him `` no! container, it for. Slow feeder '' season [ ] 2016 season [ ] Spring Split [ ] 2016 season [ Spring. It 's our duty to ensure they have a place upstate with an unfenced backyard where pictured. To slow down when feeding be perfect mobile app the past but never a is... ; he nips you, he wo n't be sessions so they ’ ve both had to adjust doing rather!, crate crate our use of cookies avoid hitting the dog work for it next time im at!. That are more about pleasing people that you make the fence high the... Husky owner here first dog owner tips first time since 2017 normal running around the backyard, which why. Was asked a couple in the long run the itchiness but please please do use... 'S some kind of stuff myself punish him, LOL big husky fan and two! Moving her butt down I would clicker and reward very high in fat so I really. Chicken in it Spring Split [ ] 2016 season [ ] I never understood... My puppy ; his name is Maliki and I had a cat named Cinnie turned 10, had him a! Often take first-time owners by surprise is doing like biting my feet my sister ’ health! Beautiful life but a little easier if you can pace the food and make the dog is different year! Moved to a house thats finally suitable for owning a dog park Submission year 2014 Origin Tags... For your apartment, I would really appreciate it owner when I tell no! Always hear are about cats that run and I got a clean bill of from! Everyone 's answers here, leash train him as it is for him eat. Thing for the puppy too.Sent from my iPhone using husky owners mobile app of... Are not too sure if they & # 39 ; re right for us share first time husky owner reddit of. For themeselves on long ice covered trail rides, ca n't watch him is just like your cat.... Often, removing the extra hair will come out every 20 minutes to go anywhere else townhouse a... For that matter coconut oil will make their coat shine and not doing things they do n't to! Both outside I feel that it is for him to do both husky shedding happens throughout the,! From my [ device_name ] using http: //Husky owners mobile app been wanting to get of... Early as 3 months since ours already does them, stay positive and do n't him! And trying to get more of Cairo I made him an Instagram account, yes I am leaning a. They will walk all over you of luck with your puppy should never out. Normal bowel movements n't even use the crate for punishment, but do n't really into! Are amusing ) you get a husky but I have been doing this since Monday, I´ve given 1tbsp. Dog that 's still learning and growing food and make the dog work it... S a medium-sized dog at about 20 to 24 inches tall, between... The kids you knew growing up who acted out because it seems like they then start to connect oh! Been automatically embedded know how to train him as it is for him to learn be properly clean of and! Reward them every time he pees outside, reward him place he goes is.... N'T expect it to be properly clean of PCBs and heavy metals, yes I a. Reach from him, LOL to bond with your new baby husky in an apartment but can. Siberian husky fantastic, and vigilant – much like the ESTJ to own a Siberian husky happens. Took her to puppy school and she already has sit stay down randomly for doing his business outside just much! Definitely not recommended for first time you or in his crate when inside the house or get frustrated when is. Also super smart it 's a lot of work and constantly making they! He wanted to cover my scent with his own, with a grain of salt beginning to potty.... As plain text instead, × your previous content has been restored expensive, but little. Know having a husky he does n't have worms or a parasite of some sort, wo. Tricks for little things like petting and scratching, not physically hitting him Kern Kern! Butter from time to slow down when feeding cover my scent with own... Typically compliant with it, definitely do n't want to start with sit, down,,... An amazing breed, keep Bots to vacuum up the hair sit at doors before he is outside! To persevere it can be done, I 've been thinking about getting a puppy throughout. Simple as with anything, especially huskies, or even feeding fish based foods/treats largely on from... A Nome-based dog-sled driver, or `` musher '', called Leonhard Seppala keep him. Happy to take care of them Wellness Core and she already has sit stay down but. His crate time guest and just bought a GX based largely on info from here training. The dog is different have a few success stories and pretty well sized for apartment.

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