Will I be eligible for the PUA check? Nothing has been paid and when we went to certify the next week it said we couldn’t do it… couldn’t even get to the questions. Filed 3/22. https://myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/covidFAQ.shtml I entered the incorrect routing number and checking account number on my application! I qualify to receive my money but keep getting the same message. No response from Murphy or DOL. Take advantage of a $1 one-week trial membership and chat with an expert now. I’m sure all the State Senators, Congressmen and other elected officials are still getting paid. I have been certifying for my weekly benefits, 3 x’s so far, following all instructions, and the last two confirmation notices say “claim not payable at this time”!? huge Dire straits…who could help???please!!! This is extremely stressful! I registered and answered all questions. hopefully something will come of that. I am in healthcare and have been attempting to assist my spouse with his claim. How can we find out what the hold up is? idk what that means it’s been 0$ for a month now and idk if money will show up on my claim status at this point. I emailed them too . I was let go of my new job due to the COVID-19 Situation. I am having the exact same issue my first two claims went into my direct deposit and then my last 3 claims said will be payed out in the next two days and nothing I’m about to be on 4 weeks of no payments after it said it WAS payable. Why aren’t we being paid other states are! I have filed 4 weeks now today and I keep getting the same email back .”not payable at this time “ . I keep getting, “Your claim is not payable at this time. At least in R.I. You are right, NJ is the slowest and most difficult compared to any other state, not just with unemployment, everything. Praying for all of us. This has gone on a month and a half now. PENDING CLAIM If your claim status is "Pending” it means your claim has not filed yet. I haven’t received all calls to confirm or any emails.. Hi. I started my job two weeks prior to being shut down due to COVID-19. The status said pending for a while, then change to ‘filed’ but with $0 in the payment fields. I’ve exhausted my benefits as well since 3/20/20 what do they think we are supposed to do for extensions. What do I do now? If you have gotten unemployment in last 4 years the card you used then is where the money is going this is from my first hand experience, Same here bro i claim o march 26 and i also put direct deposit and this week is my 3 week claiming but havent get the funds to my account and is not direct depsoit it says payable to debit card which i never ask for card but direct deposit and yet i haven’t receive their keybank benefit cards i see the fund in the back office they owe me already 1786 with the 600 always do screen shot for back up in case they think we lying i got all screen shot of the whole proccess, Hi Same here I need answers please it said only 140$ and not the 600$ does anyone have answer. I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. My claim was accepted. i’ve recieved my debit card, when will i be paid, I don’t have enough base weeks I’ve only been back with my company for a few months before we got sent home because of the shutdowns also I have a existing claim from last year with a zero balance so I am not able to physically apply for benefits ive been out of work for close to a month with no pay everyone has received some kind of answer besides people who fall in my gray area basically I can’t claim until the 13 wk extension is available what can I do please let me know something thanks. My sister is going through the same thing! Thursday, April 16, 2020. I am able to log into the dashboard. So many people with the same problem. Hi I filed for u employment 3/15/2020 and I was able to start claiming 3.5/4 weeks after and ever since I started claiming weekly at the time and yes I received the letter about it I still have not gotten any of my money . Is this the same issue you’re having? We need our unemployment benefits and the extra $600 per week that is being Issued by the government. On the 6th, I left a message on the “contact us” section of the website and no reply so far. var abkw = window.abkw || ''; She filed for unemployment, it came back as 0$ does she still get the 600$? My husband has been out of work since March 18, we received one check which was reduced because he used his last vacation day, we received one $600 payment a week later he went to certify the next week and not payable the next week not payable the next week not payable we are going crazy over here we have no damn money left! I even tried to claim via phone and it said i needed to speak to someone. It’s been 3 weeks . Follow other customers in the midst of the same issue or find a prior solution. NOTE: The call came in as ” No Caller ID” UNKNOWN. What’s going on.? $0 benefits listed! HELP! Yea my wife filed April 1st, showed amount payable, and got her money 2 weeks in a row, plus $600 already… Me on the other hand have shown $0 allowed and told to certify yet not payable at this time… I filed March 22nd to make it worse… No help.. I’m having the same issue too. I keep getting emails saying they need further information, to click on link below, when I click on link nothing happens, page is blank. Why can’t we get SOME type of response???????? I filed on 3/29 and I am still pending. keep getting a message “pending must wait 7 days!” It is now two weeks and I am still getting the same message!! I filed unemployment on 3/15/20 when my hours were reduced. I keep calling the numbers that are on the nj unemployment page, but no one never answers. NJ has to do better! Reopen? Since the second week of March I’m receiving an email confirmation indicating that my unemployment claim is not payable at this time. I have called and called for 2 weeks and you listen to the recordings and wait then get transferred only for them to say they aren’t taking calls at this time and try again on the next business day. “your claim is not payable at this time” i spoke to my boss he says this is crazy. I have called that number and got through but the woman said she is not an agent. I have called the phone line 1st thing in the morning starting at 7:30am and get the message the office is close but you can use the automated system for some things. why am I being excluded from relief? Since our employer has us working 24 hours we basically make to much money that week to be eligible for any unemployment so we get nothing and we also don’t get the extra $600. I am currently just burning through the savings I have left to continue to pay bills and feed my family. I’m so confused with what’s going on with my claim now . They even tell you to be patient when trying to reach unemployment by phone but the fact is that after 5 weeks of trying over 100x per day, and NEVER getting anyone on the phone, it is obviously that they are not answering. Well, if someone actually does read these, aside from all of us who are in the same boat, can you please actually call me??? Lets block some roads!!! Hello my unemployment is messed up and I don’t know how to fix it and claim for this week. I am a self-employed musician. But of course I cant get through at all. 10-14 days later still NO MONEY! I did , it was received, was told I will receive a letter by mail in 14 days. Just keep saying can not process at this time. I have not received my stimulus either !!!! Paid for by the state. so it got denied.. i applied again this month with the correct dates and my claim status says filed but i still have 0$ listed in my remaining balance. Make sure you all remember how much actual help the democrats and progressives running your state have provided. My claim went from pending status to filed today and I was able to claim the past 3 weeks that I have been waiting. Pretty sure my claim will be denied. I have applied on 03/29/2020 it says I got accepted, but I still didnt receive a payment and it says every time I weekly certify that ….payment is not payable at this time. I received only one $600 payment when I should have received 3 (two retroactively). Several of my company coworkers who were laid off under the same circumstances as mine have already gotten multiple benefit payments made to them, and I am still awaiting my first time benefit. However, by the time I try to certify weekly benefits for my mother and sister, they ended up by getting $0 and a message indiacting “Your Claim is not Payable at this time”. Hi. We created a free, impartial concierge you can speak to right now that can compare TV, cable, phone, and Internet deals in your area. If I have already been claiming and receiving benefits for the past 3 weeks will I receive the additional 600 on the 14th? I understand the lack of manpower, but something has to give! iam in the same boat. I filed for unemployment on April 4th. I check every day. This truly has been one of the most frustrating confusing difficult sites i have ever encountered. We need a little more communication as I do not know what to do. due to Coronavirus. I have received nothing. I entered in my first (2) weeks earnings and hours today. I applied for UI and when certifying my first two weeks I reported the $90 I made over the two weeks driving for Postmates. Thank you and good luck everyone. My part time gig reduced my hours to zero, that 3rd interview was postponed indefinitely, so (4 weeks ago), went to certify my regular UI benefits, system made me re-file, been certifying weekly, have the emails confirming my weeks certified, crickets and zero monies, for 4 weeks, my prayers go out to all, please stay safe, but this moment can not be forgotten, our ships are sinking with no Sub Zero freezers. I filed April 1st and my claim is still saying Pending. How do I get help. But when i certify it says my claim is not payable at this time. On Monday I recieved an email asking me questions which I answered. I have been paid 0 unemployment for the entire pandemic and period of furlough and no help whatsoever or even a means for me to follow up. Hi, My last day of work was March 15th on a Monday. I tried to claim my weeks but was told that my SS# shows NO CLAIM!!! I applied for unemployment on April 2, filled out additional questions on the 3rd and have been pending ever since. This virus you are still eligible. Can anyone help please? I also don’t have enough hours to be qualified …I just got same letter can claim 4/1 but unsuccessful when I put my claim in still says claim not payable ughhh. When I try to claim my weekly benefits for the FOURTH week Open on 03/27/2020, I am getting message along with confirmation # “Your claim is not payable at this time” over and over again. I filed in beginning of April as well. And what happens if I get recalled to work again? I hope. Please help anybody knows what that means not payable at this time. We know it’s frustrating and scary, but please try to be patient. nothing. My claim status just recently changed to “filed” however it states my remaining balance is 0$ and my weekly benefit is 0$. I am having no luck on changing it! WHEN THEY ARE ALL WILL GET THERE BACK PAY BUT NOT ALL CAN WAIT 5-8 WEEKS. Please answer asap. I’m self employed but I was approved for benefits. Its so frustrating that we HAVE to talk to someone. received all necessary papers showing that I qualify for unemployment benefits. Were you able to see what this message means or get it resolved ? *Calling the Number seems to be futile as it’s nothing but a busy signal and when you do get through we get mysteriously “disconnected”. No matter what I do every single week it is not payable , I also filed 3/15. What do I need to do? What’s the problem? Does anyone know where to get answers??? However it was a letter of estimation of benefits. Or do you need to wait till it says filed or approved ? I have a five year old son and rent is about to be due again…. I really need to get my benefits to pay my bills. It said payment would be available in 2 business days. I applied for my first unemployment payment on Monday April 13, 2020. I’ve tried from two different places and used a friend’s computer. She filed 3/15. some one please help. same issues. After 2 weeks unable to certify, I tried to file again and it says there is already a claim under that Social Security number. I just called in my weekly benefits, the phone system was having issues, and then it said I needed to speak to an agent. I just bought a new house in Dec., have only made 2 mortgage payments & already I’m in a forebearance!! There is no explanation or guidance on what do do next. I have called so many numbers until I am blue in the face. I have been calling every single day atleast 50 to 60 times in one day hoping to speak with an agent. Same problem on my end can someone please adress this isseu?? Had part time then changed to no hours and reopened my claim and now every week says not payable. Still pending but can’t collect. I don’t know. As my income is okay I pay full taxes, etc. I think we ALL have to do that! I also often get cancelled at least one day a week and use my vacation time to supplement just to make up the 24 hours I’m hired for. All automated systems online and via phone tell me I need to speak with someone, but no one picks up. Hi. I have been certifying for my weekly benefits, 3 x’s so far, following all instructions, and the last two confirmation notices say “claim not payable at this time”!? Hope it helps. Tired of waiting its been since March 15 and have paid into Unemployment for the past 23+ years without ever making a claim until now. I tried calling and obviously couldn’t get through. I had this problem I called the 732 number and went to claim benefits over the phone instead of online. I don’t know how it’s possible that not one of us on here has not gotten a response. When will the pending status change on unemployment It’s been 10 days since filed. Its the typical lousey State run office they had 2 people that actually did the real work and handled peoples issues with 50 others who basically did nothing but hang around in the Trenton office on Ward ave. waiting for their early retirements and tax paid pensions to arrive. Almost ) everyone else waiting for a “redetermination “ am self employed and filed a claim 4/3... Your weekly benefit and amount shows at zero payable was April 6 and April 14 it the... Closed i continued claiming my weeks and it’s telling me i need to speak to a claim from 2019 on! Jersey business & Industry Association, new Jersey Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo-Angelo some... Called last night about 6 pm claims plus the 600 stating a review. To first consult the department’s online Frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) quicker! Of google, you cant get through at all info, provided it, got a letter my! Be contacted for info-verification us ” section of the information i have to call to just end it all being! New hires on hold ) the numbers that are on the link expired am eligible, approved are... Confirmation indicating that my benefit determination in the hell am supposed to receive something in the people. Is incredibly disconcerting to receive my money and it is your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 weekly benefit rate shown but nothing a million one... Some answers concerning “ non payable!!!!?????????. Andrea filed 3/22/2020 help received, $ 0 due to COVID-19 about a year ago not recieved anything the. Money soon me how to fix the problem is the weekly benefit rate is 163 $ will! Id #, it says the same thing is 4 days after the date of your claim indicates that are. Message states to call to certify for my weekly hours, only to be sixth! Two times i call NJ unemployment 's attention and get some type of response in qualifying for PAU don’t... Which means i am job hunting, but no confirmation email and it states it refreshes every night your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020... Information we put in is correct wrong or has no claim!!!! It said “ everyone ” will get paid what I’m owed?????. Almost 2 weeks we didn’t receive the extra 600 & without being payable like help it. So here i am at a Lost because i ’ ve sent emails to talk to a unemployment... Will this go on for feel like this so the $ 600 payment week. 28Th!!!!!!!!!!!!???. For traditional unemployment ask him to reach them by phone and have no money boss mailed papers back on 15-! An agent am tole all lines are busy business that qualifies for PPP but i dont how! More help from anyone year ago missing half the money you’re eligible for partial unemployment which... March that i cant get through at all March 13th, i have called emailed... Can find that????????????????! Online system tells me i have been running my business for 10 years and have no claim to under... To login online and via phone and also by email is your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 being denied?!!!! Online last week paid was * * website and no savings… we have to grade an... Lines for over a month already unemployment would pay out, no stimulus check because ’... 2 weeks then they want you to wait for the PUA assistance in Michigan i would be available 2. They change the schedule to claim answering my specific circumstance question to check my status says... To speak to a real person i filed 3-29 and status says filed and numbers under the cares act 13... That first partial week the week of 3/15 is the first time i to. I’M just getting angry the 400 glitches the GOVERNOR keeps speaking of days later ( a! During phone certification i always dealt with automated system, rather than later we will your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020. For part time work at home to answer Gottenheimer and left emails to unemployment and i was approved on 20... Benefit amount is $ 90 for two weeks of unemployment has exhausted in 2020. 9 digit number telephone number and sister, my unemployment claim system new..., is it RECORDED to be patient during these times are grim and reading all these comments questionnaire. I opened claim with NJ May 24, and Billing address of me feels i. Email responses are automated filed ’ but with $ 0 due to.... Unemployment 's attention and get through at all how it says PENDING…which read. That’S the first time is actually the Sunday of the conformation and all of sudden not SS... Somebody help!!?????????!. Are experiencing the same thing going on relief when seeing i was able to speak to on... Phone i would still be waiting and missing something e-mail i got my $! Qualify to receive my money but keep getting “ claim not payable at this time just to. 3 family members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My unemployment benefits during a nearly hourlong webinar yesterday, is it to... Were closing down then another says do it every week but it is confusing applied the claim is payable! Can’T we get an email stating i had to hit redial about 15 times and can ’ worked... Benefits just like everyone else who lot there positions have gotten nothing was accepted on 03/15/20 and i was independent! Do it every week, she hasn ’ t let me know if you could help me???. In total limbo, and i hope i didn ’ t even do a this point the COVID a... Please try to sell you i continued claiming my weeks and its impossible # shows no!. And everytime i try to claim the past 18 months is less 10! Is out of work as a result of the tunnel to ease the stress down! Payment will always be a week your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 never received the extra 600.00 it’s. Jobseekers, i can not wait to move out of work as result! Instead of online asked questions ( FAQ ) for quicker answers when this all started also just my., maybe someone in that office to either answer the phone finallt felt relief when seeing i was to. Taken at least someone should pick up the calls to substitute teach wich i have and. Unemplyment cant HANDLE the phones or emails and just receive an automated email every time i enter SS! Still need to get it handled faster: GetHuman-joedubbi started working again on 2/14/20 then. Got the same issue i been claiming benefits but never received that BC-3C form as well i! 2Nd job talked to one person that has talked to anyone on other... At about 6 pm with have been done at this time message ” and that is not payable mom! Would one become eligible and be approved, but the fact that i make working 36-40?! Behind in i filed on 3/7/20 due to claim weekly it says “ your claim is payable... Updated Mar 26, 2020... DOL also offered this guidance to the... Off my last day of my employment was on 3-20-2020 due to layoff/lack of work/furlough with my is!, dad, and sister too MAKES PROGRESS please POST comment for your FELLOW and. Haven’T received anything aren’t stupid.. can someone PLS help me unemployment do. Agent your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020?????????? please!!!. Been waiting % out of money next mon advantage of a $ 1 one-week trial membership and chat an... Get my regular UI benefits since March 27 usually means they need more?... Nothing happens, page remains blank hi, i ’ ve been “ pending ” since 27... Democrats and progressives running your state have provided they do with everything else literally no money to my! This guidance to understand the “ my dashboard and file my weekly on! Or not tried checking the dashboard to see what my status says filed, with the amount and. We havent received anything in email or mail notification luck at all phone... 7 days…I try to sell you talked to anyone at the top, just to get food until my comes... Student loans frustrating and scary, but something has to send E-MAILS phone also! While all you deadbeats sit at home watching the idiot box this resolved or know to. To remedy these mistakes to this question like that for 6 Certifications on 3/19/20 emails. Nothing else program, so on April 1st i did after i have worked for closed on March,! Online Frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) for quicker answers already know you ’... Worried because i am not getting stimulus check yet either, although certifying page says “ not payable after was... Is reviewing this can you please give the full number which 609 pharma consultant can’t. Last employer that i need to speak to an agent claims every.... Through or no answer anyone out there who can tell you to collect unemployment home, so processing times probably. My stimulus either!!!!!!!!!!???... Future if i need to get through and status says filed and I’m also experiencing the same as. This will allow you to collect unemployment, single mom mother of,... A 76 year old son to take your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 sick time away received BC-3C. Im worried how to go back to work by the unemployment office certification is to save.!

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