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Posted by Michael on 9 May, 2017 in Multipassionate, Rainbow Life |

Singing Irish songs in the pub was only one thing on my plate. (Photo taken by my three-year-old grandson)

Yesterday, in the space of about three hours, I waited out a hailstorm in the cable tv store, started reading a new book that came in the mail, looked up a passage in another book I’m reading to cross-reference it, changed to a third book after 50 pages or so in the new one, installed the new cable modem I got at the store, worked on re-routing the cables for my wifi, and then went down to the pub to play music with my son and grandson. Is your life sometimes like that? Do you find yourself pulled many directions at once, or in quick succession?

To the monopassionate, that’s unpleasant, a sign of “having too much on your plate.” But to the Multipassionate, that’s our super power. We not only can multitask, we like it. We revel in the joy of having too much to do, because that means our lives will never be boring.

The monopassionate world often lectures us about the dangers of over commitment. And in the sense of failing at important tasks because we just can’t find the time, they are right. We do need to prioritize. But that also means we can leave certain tasks undone if they are not the ones that are most important to us. We may have a lot on our plate, but not all of it rises to the level of necessity. We may have a full plate, but we are not obligated to stuff ourselves into a stupor. We take on a lot because we have many interests, and we work on each one until our emotional reason for taking it up is satisfied. Then we can move on.

My daughter is one of the happiest Multipassionate people I know. Many look at her life and warn her about over commitment and burnout. She just smiles and tells them she loves the variety of her life. She’s like that bee that Barbara Sher talks about, flitting from flower to flower. Nobody tells the bee to stick with one flower for life. What’s the bee’s “one true” flower? There isn’t one, because bee’s aren’t like that. Neither are we. Multipassionate is our nature, not our weakness.

What are some ways you experience the joy of the many activities in your life? Love to see them in the comments below.


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