Rainbow Life?

What does it mean to lead a Rainbow Life?

OK, so I can just hear you now. “What is this Rainbow Life”? Is that some kind of saying leftover from the sixties? Well, the answer is “Sort of yes, and sort of No.”

“Rainbow Life” is a descriptor I invented to say something about our lives as Multipassionate. Most people choose a favorite color and pursue it with all their passion. We have a lens that allows us to see many colors at the same time. This means we live our lives differently.

Multipassionate people are almost always very creative, though this reveals itself in many different ways. We are usually quite intelligent, and able to understand a variety of subjects, at least on a basic level. A few of us may become world-class neurosurgeons or concert violinists; but more often, we learn to be good at a number of things without the commitment it takes to dominate a field.

Researchers say it takes 10,000 hours to become an “expert” at something. Multipassionate people usually move on to something else long before that. We know we could get to that level if we wanted, but we’re more interested in the next horizon. So we live in a rainbow world, not a monochrome one.

It takes both sunshine and rain to create a rainbow. And in our rainbow lives, we learn to take all the ingredients we find and combine them into something unique, over and over again. Every rainbow is different, but for the Multipassionate, every one has a pot of gold.


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