The all-new multi fuel golden cowl is a revolving cowl and ventilator which solves all problems of downdraught and can be equally well for ventilation. The Rotorvent Turbolite is a brand new addition to the well loved Colt Cowl range. Using the wind against itself, the stainless steel turbine shaped head catches the wind causing it to rotate creating increased draw up the flue. The same high specifications that have made the original Rotorvent such a popular product are included in this product as standard. One of the bolts holding my rear cowl on just spins when I try to take it out. I'm thinking the seat that the female bolt sits in is stripped/worn and not grabbing properly. Some customers have reported that spinning cowls with shiny globes reflect sunlight when they spin, so please be aware of this. There are different types of chimney cowls suited to different types of chimneys. A stainless steel spinning cowl is one of the most common kinds of cowl available on the market and will be fine for most chimneys. Technical breakthorughs in spindle design and fin making makes it strongest most durable rotating cowl. Recommended. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items However, there are others as well, such as a directional wind cowl, updraft cowl, capping cowls and a clamping chimney cowl. Buy Chimney Cowl Spinner and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! The new revolving cowl is more aerodynamic, more efficient and now comes with an additional strap fixing kit included. They may also have ventilators or dampers to modify the airflow in your fireplace. How to fit a chimney cowl: Fitting a chimney cowl, fitting a birdguard, fitting a spinning cowl, fitting a pot hanger cowl Check out these great videos on how to fit a chimney cowl. Revolving (spinning) chimney cowls are designed to cure the problems caused by downdraught. Step 1 - Select Chimney Cowl. Their … Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has come across this problem. Available in … If the problem (smoke or fumes coming out the fireplace or stove) occurs ONLY IN WINDY conditions then THIS IS A DOWNDRAUGHT.The anti down draught cowls to use are: A) Static Cowl if your problem is not severe ().B) A Spinner Cowl if the your problem is severe (). The Spinning Aspirotor Chimney Cowl is a great solution for problems with downdraught. The Aspirotor can be used with every fuel type. Good Spinning Cowl This spinning cowl is very competitively priced when you consider that it has a stainless steel globe. Chimney cowls have metal covers and screens that serve as spark arresters and keep birds, rain, snow, and plant debris out of your flue. (06/05/2011) - High … Fixings for chimney cowls include strap fixing with jubilee band, and hook bolt fixing depending on the type of chimney cowl … If you rely on a spinning cowl (that draws up air by spinning) or moving cowl (that adjusts to wind direction in anyway by moving), to stop downdraught and it fails while the fire is on, there can … The cowl spins, either when the wind blows, or when your appliance is burning well, when the heat on the underside of the cowl will make it spin. The reason they fail is they become choked with soot from the fire below. Rotary/Spinning chimney cowls.