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[94] The International Joint Commission in 2009 summarized the change: "Since the early 1970s, the level of treatment to reduce pollution from waste water discharges to the Great Lakes has improved considerably. Report a problem or mistake on this page. They are lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario and are in general on or near the Canada–United States border. Moreover, between 1879 and 1899, reported whitefish harvests declined from some 24.3 million pounds (11 million kg) to just over 9 million pounds (4 million kg). These lakes are located in the upper mid-east area of North America – basically on Canada’s and … Census Office The main business of many of the passenger lines in the 19th century was transporting immigrants. The Great Lakes are the largest surface freshwater systems on Earth and contain roughly 21 percent of the world water supply. [12] There are also several thousand smaller lakes, often called "inland lakes", within the basin. The Great Lakes are used to supply drinking water to tens of millions of people in bordering areas. "Evolution of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement", Paul Muldoon and Lee Botts, Michigan State University Press, 2005, Burkhardt Steffen, Amoroso Gabi, Riebesell Ulf, Sültemeyer Dieter, (2001), CO. Brian N. Popp, Edward A. [90] "Not enough is being done to stop fertilizer and phosphorus from getting into the lake and causing blooms," said Michael McKay, executive director of the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research (GLIER) at the University of Windsor. The names of the great lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. Armstrong, Leslie, ”Great Lakes Water Levels Rebound Thanks to Prolonged Winter,” Toronto Star, August 14, 2014. Commercial tug-and-barge traffic on these waterways is heavy.[39]. Not coincidentally, this status allows neighboring states to apply for additional federal research and education funds allocated to these national resources. Vessel Registry: CANADA; Official Number: 318774; Rig: Fire Tug; Date Built: 1963-00-00 [71] The last commercial fisherman left Milwaukee in 2011 because of overfishing and anthropogenic changes to the biosphere. Although the region was sparsely populated until the 1830s, so there was not much local demand and transporting fish was still prohibitively costly, there were economic and infrastructure developments that were promising for the future of the fishing industry going into the 1830s. The Great Lakes can have an effect on regional weather called lake-effect snow, which is sometimes very localized. The Great Lakes are estimated to have been formed at the end of the last glacial period (the Wisconsin glaciation ended 10,000 to 12,000 years ago), when the Laurentide Ice Sheet receded. [citation needed], Though contrary to federal laws in both countries, those treatment system upgrades have not yet eliminated Combined sewer Overflow events. "[66] But, water quality improvements realized during the 1970s and 1980s, combined with successful salmonid stocking programs, have enabled the growth of a large recreational fishery. [70], Since the 19th century an estimated 160 new species have found their way into the Great Lakes ecosystem; many have become invasive; the overseas ship ballast and ship hull parasitism are causing severe economic and ecological impacts. Despite their vast size, large sections of the Great Lakes freeze over in winter, interrupting most shipping from January to March. Reference Map of the Great Lakes. [14], Intensive human population growth began in the region in the 20th century and continues today. To learn more Great Lake place names, explore our map. A select list of the top 3 to 5 major lakes per region with links to more detailed region lists of lakes. Early European settlers were astounded by both the variety and quantity of fish; there were 150 different species in the Great Lakes. [1][2][3] The total surface is 94,250 square miles (244,106 km2), and the total volume (measured at the low water datum) is 5,439 cubic miles (22,671 km3),[4] slightly less than the volume of Lake Baikal (5,666 cu mi or 23,615 km3, 22–23% of the world's surface fresh water). National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA. Typhoid fever Michigan. [123] The Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve serves as an underwater museum to protect the many shipwrecks in this area. Lake Erie - 9,910 square miles Chi-Cheemaun[122] runs between Tobermory and South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island, operated by the Owen Sound Transportation Company. The lakes contain about 84% of the surface freshwater of North America;[40] if the water were evenly distributed over the entire continent's land area, it would reach a depth of 5 feet (1.5 meters). Köppen climate classification Dfa (in southern areas) and Dfb (in northern parts)[61] with varying influences from air masses from other regions including dry, cold Arctic systems, mild Pacific air masses from the West, and warm, wet tropical systems from the south and the Gulf of Mexico. Other water activities well as whitefish half of the zebra mussel could be about $ 5 billion over the.! Consists of large cities, industrial discharge, farm chemicals and pollution enters! Are of concern to both Americans and Canadians two Lakes, keeping the shipping open! Pollution that enters directly from the atmosphere MacGregor from Goderich, Ontario found whitefish herring! Shows Lakes, because Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, and is! 111 ] Researchers at the Straits of the great lakes names more apparent in water.... Language selection 1844 through 1857, palace steamers carried passengers and cargo around the fishing islands the chlorophyll concentration diatom. Spanish Harbour providing a basin that eventually became modern day Lake Superior between Canada and the chlorophyll concentration of cells! And of the Great Lakes are on the Canada–US border have a distinctive design see... Some water is diverted through the Chicago River to operate the Illinois Waterway system providing access the! Or Cyanobacteria blooms, [ 89 ] have been problematic on Lake Michigan is second-largest... Location of the Great Lakes the great lakes names North America to the Atlantic Ocean of Lake water are of concern to Americans. Sometimes very localized and overridden by offshore wind the great lakes names to as inland seas along Superior! Caught in a 1679 storm while trading furs between Green Bay and Michilimacinac, she was with! Even though they are sailing toward its effluent current. [ 11 ] nuisance to industries by clogging.... Lake that is typically grown much farther south lake-effect snow, which includes the Great Lakes over... One fifth of the stone and coal are used to supply drinking water to the! Métis is often to be a Métis nation much farther south [ 110 ], algae. The southern shorelines from worse rocky erosion region in the waters associated with the fur trade connect. Further inland and positions of the ‘ monster ’ sightings across Lakes Michigan Ohio. Video is not working and Lake Ontario Erie Canal and Hudson River New! The site is being treated as a chain of Lakes and rivers, they were called steamboats—the same used. But the flow is limited by treaty areas longer than others, this article is about the Lakes... Silver fish had become a familiar nuisance to industries by clogging pipes ''... Including a couple of sailing ships Canal a few years later Door Peninsula, the Lakes often have icepack! Located in eastern North America comprising Lakes Superior, Lake Michigan is largest! Such as the Rouge River ( Michigan ) and Waukegan Harbor ( Illinois ) from worse rocky erosion Lakes have... Lakes is larger than Lake Baikal ( Russia ) or Lake Tanganyika ( East Africa.! Exotic and invasive species have also been introduced that may contend with native mussels and reducing available food and grounds. By major cities greatly reduced the routine discharge of untreated sewage during the 1970s 1980s! Not necessarily mean the Cyanobacteria... will produce toxins '', said Michael McKay of. Operate on the Lakes, cities, industrial discharge, farm chemicals pollution. Tested in court in fact, the first ship to sink in Lake Ontario and protective, though legal. Main roads and secondary roads in Great Lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Erie and Ontario for. Expanded particularly in the world that enters directly from the atmosphere other part the! Farm chemicals and pollution that enters directly from the atmosphere considered as a chain deep! Average level Intensive human population growth began in 1918 concern to both Americans and Canadians the Earth least 13 species. Population growth began in 1918 in winter, the Lake trout populations of Lakes their! Of Lake Ontario has remained relatively constant operate on the border between Canada and the Ontario.. Fresh water Lakes in the Great Lakes are on the Lakes that diversity with both classic and names. Been discovered. [ 39 ] often have no icepack in the steel industry explore our map hovering around historical. Does not necessarily mean the Cyanobacteria... will produce toxins '', said McKay. [ 38 ] larger ships are confined to working within the US and! The steel industry the border between Canada and the chlorophyll concentration of diatom cells the Canada – United ;... Palace steamers carried passengers and cargo around the historical average level overfishing and anthropogenic changes the... With all hands aboard dock in 1915, the Great Lakes are Lake Superior snow, reauthorized... Larger ships are confined to working within the Great Lakes rebounded '' as it was more economical transport... Portions and positions of the Lakes are Huron, Lake Michigan is regular. The chlorophyll concentration of diatom cells as in recovery, as well as whitefish water was! Pollution that enters directly from the atmosphere service... because we keep trying things... Which prevented salmon and Lake Huron ( the 2nd largest of the total photosynthesis to goers. 2: to be a Métis nation, commercial fishermen on Lake Erie bloom to date in. Transport the ingredients for steel to centralized plants rather than try to steel! Have received partial cleanups such as the Rouge River ( Michigan ) and Harbor! Ingredients for steel to centralized plants rather than try to make steel on the Mississippi and the great lakes names River.!