What are you going to do this summer?


I’m working with deaf and hard of hearing kids in a middle school, and for school people, this is a common question as we approach the end of the year.¬†What are you going to do this summer? For me, it’s different every summer. (What a surprise, right?) A few years ago, I worked in summer school with autistic elementary age students. Quite a change from my regular year employment, but enjoyable. Other summers, I’ve done other activities.

I told the co-worker who asked me that that this year, I want to work on building my Multipassionate tribe. And she’s like, “What’s Multipassionate?” During the ensuing conversation, we discovered that she’s Multipassionate too, but in a different way than I am. Makes sense, Multipassionate people don’t fit into molds, so we’re always likely to be different from each other.

My co-worker is an American Sign Language Interpreter, which means she has the training and experience to translate the spoken word into ASL, for deaf people who otherwise wouldn’t understand what’s going on. But she does this in a variety of settings. Part of the time, she works here in the school, interpreting for our deaf students. Other times, she works at her church, and in other locales where deaf people need her services. So her job is always different, even though she’s doing the same basic task. That’s pretty cool.

Another co-worker is a former nurse who now takes notes for the deaf and hard of hearing students. Try watching a teacher’s mouth to aid in comprehension some time, while trying to write down what they say. You’ll realize why this is an essential service for these students. This woman is also a full time mom, and holds down two other jobs. She’s Multipassionate too.

I’m really planning to enjoy this summer as I learn more and more about the different ways people live the Rainbow Life. Love to hear your stories and experiences in the comments below. Let’s make this the summer of the Multipassionate!

Meanwhile, I need to tell you that I’m working on a very special post to share with you. I think it will have a big impact on many lives, so I’m trying to craft it carefully. That means it’s taking a bit longer, but I think it will be worth it. Make sure you’re subscribed to blog updates so you will be notified when it’s ready. It’s going to be Epic!


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