What passion will you explore today?

What is your passion? Are you pursuing it?
Or them?

Got to chatting with some Multipassionate friends, and I think I’m figuring something out. Emilie Wapnick, in Renaissance Business, talks about finding your “overarching theme,” or the commonality in your disparate interests. I listed my interests (kept adding more as I thought of them) and I became somewhat desperate to find the common thread. Then I realized that Multipassionate is actually my common thread.

I love and enjoy so many things, from music, to motorcycles, to fishing, that I despaired of finding some way to connect them. But the more I read Emilie’s writings, the more I realized that my mission in life is far more about BEING Multipassionate than about my various passions.

I’ve learned that what I really want to do is help you explore YOUR passions, not just talk about mine. I want to build a community of fellow Multipassionates, who help each other explore their own interests, whatever they may be, and however disconnected they may seem. Emilie has a TRIBE of multipotentialites; now I want a tribe of Multipassionates.

There really is a difference. Emilie’s tribe is about exploring and exploiting the potential that is in each of us. Multipassionate is more about pushing the limits of what excites us, what turns us on, what makes our lives fulfilling and challenging.

What challenges you? What inspires you to PASSION? What gives your life meaning? That’s what I want to hear about. Comment below, and let’s explore that Rainbow Life together!


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