What type of Multipassionate are you?


I have observed that there seem to be three basic types of Multipassionate personalities.

  1. Consecutive
  2. Concurrent
  3. Cyclical

Let’s talk about those. Knowing which category describes you will help you live your Rainbow Life more successfully.

How do you pursue your passions?


The Consecutive Multipassionate lives life in a series of passionate ways, moving from one to another in sequence, and rarely repeating. Usually, these people find a passion and pursue it intensely for a year or two; maybe more, maybe less. They often mistake each new passion for their one, true calling in life, only to be disappointed when the siren call sounds from a new passion.

Though these people often consider themselves dysfunctional and directionless (and this is reinforced by their peers), their ability to move on is one of their greatest strengths. Each new horizon is a new adventure, and a new opportunity to make the world a better place. The intensity of their devotion to each new passion enables them to contribute in their own unique way, and that way is new each time.

You may have left high school intent on a law career, only to discover English Literature a year or two later. Then ancient Egyptian artifacts attract your attention. It’s OK. It’s more than OK, it’s your Multipassionate nature, and your monopassionate peers will never fully appreciate its value.


TheĀ Concurrent Multipassionate is often considered scatterbrained; even unstable. This person has a multitude of interests that baffles the general public, and professionals alike. If this is you, you love to pursue a multitude of passions, apparently all at once. More than likely, you are pursuing each one individually, but at a pace that bewilders the proletariat.

This type of Multipassionate may have been wrongly diagnosed as ADD or ADHD. Literally, or figuratively, you just can’t sit still. You’re like the Travelin’ Man in that old Ricky Nelson song. You may have a girl in every port, but you’re intensely loyal to each and every one. The nice thing is that, unlike romantic partners, passions won’t be jealous of each other.

You may be like a honey bee, flitting from flower to flower. Nothing wrong with any of them, and you’ll certainly revisit many of them, but for now, you enjoy for a bit and then move on.


This may seem similar in many ways to the two previous categories, but theĀ Cyclical Multipassionate is different in many ways. You may pursue passions in some kind of order, like the Consecutive, and you probably have many different passions, like the Concurrent, but in general, you follow a pattern more than the other two. You may find yourself with ten or a dozen passions that you chase over and over. Not always the same ones, or even in the same order, but more than the others, you tend to return to past passions; putting them down and taking them up again when the time seems right.

As you look back on your life, you see patterns that others don’t. Perhaps that interest in Egyptian hieroglyphics paled for a time, but now it seems more interesting than ever. And though you once considered a career in civic affairs, you find you’ve lost your interesting in running for City Council right now.

The Cyclical Multipassionate is one of the best examples of the Rainbow Life, moving from Red to Orange to Yellow to Green to Blue, Indigo, and Violet, each in turn, and then coming back again to the beginning. You may change the list from time to time, but there’s definitely a pattern, a repetition of what fired your imagination before.

So, whether you’re Consecutive, Concurrent, or Cyclical (or a combination; after all, we are the people who break the mold), knowing yourself will help you live far more successfully as a Multipassionate. Forget the idea that there’s something wrong with you because you don’t fit society’s mold. Remember that the people who influenced our world the most have often been Muiltipassionate.


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