Dwarf tibouchina is related to the Tibouchina urvilleana, which grows much larger than the dwarf. Part sun to partial shade is an ideal location. The Tibouchina urvilleana - also known as 'Brazilian Glorybush' in New Zealand - is a vigorous-growing, evergreen shrub. is a neoptropical flowering plant genus in Melastomataceae Juss. 3181 Tibouchina lepidota - Jules Dwarf. Alpha maps can be turned off if the model is not close to the camera. "Jules" is a dwarf cultivar of the Tibouchina, also known as blue glory bush, developed in Australia by Ken Dunston. 3dsMAX – 3ds max 2010 or higher, 3dsMAX (3ds Max 2010 or higher), GrowFX (3ds Max 2010 or higher), [email protected]/*